HUAWEI FreeBuds 6i review: A worthy successor to the well-received series

The FreeBuds series has always been one of Huawei’s most popular product lines. The FreeBuds i series is even more affordable, and its features can well meet the daily use of most people. The FreeBuds i series has also recently been updated to the sixth generation. Let’s take a quick look at what features and upgrades the FreeBuds 6i offers. Design and wearing comfort

This time, the FreeBuds 6i still has three colors: black, white and purple. The purple of the FreeBuds 5i is more like blue, while the purple of the 6i is the real deal. But unfortunately, we only got the white version. The surface is spotless and similar to pebbles – a smooth design can never go wrong. The changes to the earphones themselves are much smaller than those to the earphone shells. There is almost no difference between the FreeBuds 6i and 5i. The most conspicuous place is still the HUAWEI logo printed on it. The weight will be 0.5g heavier than the 5i, but it is difficult to detect when wearing it. After many iterations, the comfort of FreeBuds is no longer questioned. Anyway, I have no problem wearing it for a long time.

Sound Quality

The Huawei FreeBuds 6i has a slightly larger driver than its predecessor. It is equipped with an 11mm four-magnet dynamic driver, which makes the low-frequency performance more powerful and the mid-high frequency more crisp and delicate. According to the website, the 11mm four-magnet dynamic driver has 50% more power and is Hi-Res certified to produce strong bass down to 14 Hz.

This design is not only suitable for heavy bass lovers, but also for users who have high requirements for vocals and instrument details. In addition, the FreeBuds 6i also has Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS certification, which can restore more music details and allow every note to be reproduced realistically. When actually listening, it can handle a variety of music types well and reproduce them with a good sound field, which obviously far exceeds my expectations for a pair of cheap wireless headphones. Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is a highlight of FreeBuds 6i. The earphones are equipped with Huawei’s latest active noise cancellation technology. Through the dual-microphone feedforward and feedback design, it effectively eliminates external noise, which is called Intelligent Dynamic ANC 3.0. The average noise reduction of the whole frequency is 27dB, and the ultra-wide ANC frequency is up to 5kHz. At least now, from my wearing experience, the gap between the i series and the Pro series has narrowed quite well. Operation and connection

FreeBuds 6i’s operation method uses the most common touch method. Long press to switch the noise reduction mode, double-click to play or pause music, and slide up and down to adjust the volume. This is a common operation method for wireless earphones. Although it is also quite simple to operate, the squeeze-type control method is what we want to see more. After all, tapping the earphones is not the most comfortable way to listen, and it is easy to cause misoperation.

FreeBuds 6i uses Bluetooth V5.3 and supports pop-up pairing and dual-device connection. In addition to the Bluetooth version upgrade, the connection is not much different from 5i. After all, the connection of 5i is already quite stable and the delay is not bad.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 6i Batterylife

With ANC on, it can play music continuously for 5 hours, which is one hour less than the battery life of 5i. But with ANC off, the 6i will last half an hour longer than 5i, reaching 8 hours. If you add the earphone case, the overall battery life of 6i is much longer, up to 35 hours of continuous music playback. In fact, for daily use, the Headphones Battery Huawei life is very impressive.

FreeBuds 6i charges faster, taking only 40 minutes to fully charge the earphones and only 1 hour to fully charge the charging case. Therefore, if you need to use the earphones for a long time, choosing 6i will be much better than 5i
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