Best Android phones of 2024: Our favorite iPhone alternatives

If you have more specific requirements for a smartphone, it’s worth checking out our guides to the best camera phones, best gaming phones, and best mid-range phones, which offer more personalized recommendations. If you’re wondering how the best Android phones compare to Apple’s iPhones, then check out our roundup of the best phones.Google Pixel 8 ProBest CameraIf you’re shopping for an Android phone and want the best camera experience, the Pixel 8 Pro is our top pick right now. It’s not better than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in every way, but it does cost £250/$300 less and includes a lot of neat software features that our reviewers actually used.Like any Pixel phone, the 8 Pro is primarily centered around two things: Google software and the camera. The cameras are very similar to what we saw on the Pixel 7 Pro, but newer technology brings improved performance to all three rear lenses. There are also software tweaks, including a bunch of updated modes – including a clever best shot option that replaces funny/awkward faces with more smiling alternatives – that you’ll actually want to use.Photos taken with your phone look great in almost any situation. They’re richer and more immersive than those on the Galaxy S24 series, and perform better in darker situations, even though the S24 Ultra offers a much higher megapixel count. The zoom might not be on par with Samsung’s Ultra, but if you keep it at around 5x, it’s great.Powering this phone is Google’s Tensor G3 chipset, and although like its predecessors, it’s not the fastest – many phones on this list post better benchmark scores – with a focus on artificial intelligence. Many of the software additions here are made better with this chip, including speech transcription, and everything works very well.Samsung has started to win back some users’ interest with Galaxy AI on the S24 series, but the Pixel 8 Pro still has more to offer than the S24. However, it remains to be seen whether things will be the same a year from now.Other aspects of the phone are impressive, too. The screen is on par with high-end products from Apple and Samsung, but Google Pixel 8 Probatterylife on the Pixel 8 Pro is starting to lag behind the competition. The Pixel 8 Pro also benefits from Google Upgrade’s long-term support, with up to seven OS upgrades all the way to Android 21.Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraIf you’re looking for the best big-screen experience, look no further than Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you want a truly high-end, luxury experience and are willing to pay for the privilege, this is the option for you.The S23 Ultra may not look that different from 2023’s S23 Ultra, but there are subtle key differences that can radical change the experience. These include a chassis switch from aluminum to titanium, narrower bezels for a true full-screen look, and of course a move from curved to flat displays – a change that will especially benefit S Pen users, allowing you to take full advantage of the 6.82-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen.The screen is one of the main reasons to choose the Ultra, with its WQHD+ resolution, dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, and support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, delivering a stunning viewing experience whether you’re browsing TikTok or watching Netflix Watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters onIt’s more than just a big phone, though; the S24 Ultra stands out when it comes to its cameras, especially its zoom capabilities. Samsung retains that title with the Samsung S24 Ultra despite a noticeable periscope downgrade from 10x to 5x, but the addition of a higher-resolution sensor and OIS means performance is pretty much the same at the 10x level, while Compared with the previous generation of mobile phones, the performance has been greatly improved by 5-10 times.It features a 200MP main camera that delivers vivid, detailed and balanced images regardless of light levels, and also supports a dedicated astrophotography mode. The rear camera system also features a 12MP ultra-wide angle and a 10MP 3x telephoto, making it a versatile system.However, the S24 Ultra stands out in another area: Galaxy AI. While it’s not as feature-rich as the Pixel 8 Pro, elements like rewriting text, transcribing and translating audio recordings, and limited photo editing capabilities hint that Google’s time as a top -tier AI phone may be running out.This is thanks to the Galaxy’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, a customized version of the 2024 chipset that delivers top-tier performance and the ability to handle generative AI tasks on the device without an internet connection.Add in the all-day battery life of the 5,000mAh Samsung S24 Ultra battery, the seven-year operating system upgrade to Android 21, and the stable software of OneUI 6.1, and you have an enticing (if not expensive and bulky) smartphone .Honor Magic 6 ProBest Honor Magic 6 Pro Battery LifeIf you’re in the market for a phone with long-lasting battery life, the Honor Magic 6 Pro is an excellent choice. Not only does this top-of-the-range device compete with the Galaxy S24 Ultra in terms of screen and camera technology, but it also has a large 5,600mAh silicon-ion Galaxy S24 Ultra battery from the Honor Magic 6 Pro, which provides longer life and superior performance in cold climates.The Magic 6 Pro’s 6.8-inch curved AMOLED display is a wonder, with curved edges, a silky 120Hz refresh rate, and plenty of eye protection options to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience, whether you’re watching Netflix or scrolling through TikTok. HDR peak brightness is 5000 nits.Its camera system is equally impressive, with a 50MP main camera offering exceptional dynamic range thanks to a custom HDR sensor and variable f/1.4-f/2.0 aperture. Boasting the highest resolution and largest sensor in its class, the 180MP periscope lens delivers extraordinary zoom capabilities with minimal loss of detail even at high magnifications.The 5,600mAh

Honor Magic 6 Pro Battery of the Honor Magic 6 Pro is a standout feature, being made from more environmentally friendly silicon ions instead of traditional lithium ions, which enhances performance at low temperatures. It has more capacity than most competitors, ensuring all-day use and nearly two days of  Honor Magic 6 Pro battery life before needing to be recharged.Combined with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 80W fast charging, iPhone-like facial recognition technology, and an eye-catching design, the Magic 6 Pro is an all-around powerhouse

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