FIMI launches X8 mini drone to compete directly with DJI Mini 2

Although DJI has not encountered particular challenges in the field of drones in recent years, that does not mean that other companies have not tried. Xiaomi brand FIMI has announced the X8 Mini, a direct competitor to the DJI Mini 2.As originally pointed out by Drone DJ and reported by DPReview, the X8 Mini looks extremely similar to DJI’s latest offering. Not only is this the design of the X8 Mini, the wings look almost identical the way they are folded, but they are also almost identical in size when unfolded. Both drones weigh under 250 grams (although the X8 Mini is lighter at just 245 grams), support 12-megapixel photos and 4K video at 30 frames per second, 100 Mbps, and both drones can Take JPEG and Raw .While the camera systems may be nearly identical, DJI has been able to capture the lion’s share of the drone market largely due to its products’ operational simplicity and ability to stabilize footage. To this end, FIMI integrates a three-axis gimbal to smooth footage and has a variety of special features built in, supported by onboard software. First, it has a special night mode that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make photos and videos look better. While not explicitly stated, the mention of an AI-powered night mode sounds familiar, especially considering FIMI is a Xiaomi brand. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the X8 Mini integrate Night Mode AI from the Xiaomi Mi 11, the first smartphone to implement BlinkAI’s impressive technology.It also supports one-click video modes such as time-lapse shooting, panoramic stitching, and live broadcast. As mentioned, the X8 Mini is very light at just 245 grams, but that’s only when equipped with the specific “Pro” 
DJI Mini 2 Drone Battery
battery. According to Drone DJ, the M8 Mini with the standard M8 Mini battery weights closer to 258 grams, a difference of about 200MAh, and this 11-gram weight difference makes the flight time difference between them by a few minutes. While the more powerful  FIMI X8 Mini battery does make the drone weighs more than 250 grams, and that puts it in a different legal flight category, there’s not a huge trade-off in either direction, and it may just come down to personal preference. 

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