DJI Mini 4 Pro is a 48MP 4K photography drone that weighs less than 249 grams and is easier to fly

DJI Innovations (DJI) has launched the DJI Mini 4 Pro, which is called the “ultimate mini camera drone” by the famous drone manufacturer. Combining advanced omnidirectional obstacle sensing and DJI O4 video transmission technology, the Mini 4 Pro is designed to be the perfect companion for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Mini 4 Pro offers the perfect combination of professional-grade features while maintaining its signature lightweight design, providing unparalleled freedom and adaptability,” said Ferdinand Wolf, DJI Creative Director. “This drone is the ultimate all -around drone designed to enhance your creative toolkit.”48-megapixel image sensor delivers RAW photos and 4K/60p HDR videoAt the heart of the Mini 4 Pro is a 48-megapixel 1/1.3-inch CMOS image sensor and a new image processing platform. Like many cinema-oriented camera systems, the Mini 4 Pro includes dual native ISO. Paired with the nearly 50 -megapixel sensor is a 24mm equivalent f/1.7 lens with an 82.1° field of view.

The sensor itself is unchanged from the DJI Mini 3 Pro. In addition to 48-megapixel still photos, the new drone can shoot 4K/60p HDR video and record slow-motion 4K footage at up to 100 frames per second. Video recording also benefits from enhanced noise reduction algorithms in night shooting mode. The drone also includes true vertical shooting, a special mode optimized for social media and smartphone video.The drone also captures 10-bit D-Log M video, which DJI promises ensures “natural colors” and “lifelike” brightness. HDR video mode combined with SmartPhoto technology for still images. In addition to RAW image shooting, SmartPhoto mode takes advantage of HDR imaging, scene recognition, and more to capture photos that look good straight out of the camera.Mini 4 Pro weighs less than 250 grams and does not require US registrationLike its predecessor, the Mini 4 Pro weighs just 249 grams (8.8 ounces). In addition to being easy to carry, the lightweight design of the drone also ensures that it can fly legally in many countries and regions. For example, the weight of 249 grams is crucial because drones under 250 grams do not need to be registered with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).Improve obstacle avoidance abilityWorry-free flying is an important goal of the DJI Mini 4 Pro drone.

This new compact drone comes with enhanced safety features, including powerful omnidirectional obstacle sensing, an improvement over its predecessor’s three-way sensing. The latest drones use multiple wide-angle and downward vision sensors to detect obstacles coming from all directions. It also includes Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS),

which enables automatic braking and obstacle avoidance.DJI Mini 4 ProAs for flight time, the Mini 4 Pro can fly for up to 34 minutes without additional accessories. Smart DJI Mini 4 Pro Battery Plus can extend this even further, extending flight time to approximately 45 minutes, which is longer than using the sameThe DJI Mini 4 Pro battery is two minutes faster than its predecessor. By the way, this optional battery is not sold in Europe.DJI Mini 4 Pro 1080/60p video transmission is smootherWhile flying, pilots can enjoy smooth 1080/60p video transmission up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) thanks to DJI’s O4 video transmission technology. Compared to the O3 transmission in DJI Mini 3 Pro, O4 delivers double the frame rate, ensuring smoother video performance . Pilots can also use Waypoint Flight for automated routing functionality. The drone’s advanced return-to-home system ensures that it returns safely to the pilot. Showing the power of creativity in the skyThese advanced safety features also complement the drone’s creative shooting modes. Spotlight, Point of Interest, and ActiveTrack 360° shooting modes allow users to maneuver around obstacles and record smoother videos with more stable tracking. Omnidirectional sensing ensures that the drone tracks the selected subject without hitting any obstacles.The drone also features MasterShots, QuickShots, and Hyperlapse modes to record videos of different angles and dynamic movements. Mini 4 Pro also has a panorama mode, which can shoot 180° panorama or even spherical panorama.DJI Mini 4 ProFrom the sky to the internetDJI designed its latest compact drone with ease of use and speed in mind.

The drone’s fast transfer feature ensures photos and videos quickly arrive on the pilot’s smartphone and are ready to share. DJI’s LightCut feature leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to create edited videos with just one tap. LightCut includes sound matching and a host of aviation templates that promise to make creating high-quality videos incredibly easy.DJI Mini 4 Pro Other FeaturesIn addition to its numerous safety features, the drone comes with DJI Care Refresh, the company’s comprehensive protection plan that covers accidental damage, including collisions and water damage. It’s similar to AppleCare+ in that it covers damage not covered by typical 

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