The Best Kids Tablets of 2024

If you’re looking for a tablet that meets all your child’s needs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE is a great example. certainly! Is creativity allowed? It comes with an S Pen, which is perfect for the occasion and even makes it easy to take notes. How about playing games? Well, your kids can play popular games like Fortnite and Roblox with their friends.
All of this is done on a sizable 10.9-inch display, which is arguably the best size for a tablet without being too small or bulky. In fact, it’s quite lightweight and very durable, given its IP68 water and dust resistance rating. If you want to extend the life of your device, there’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+, which has a 12.4-inch display, more RAM, and a larger Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ battery.

Best tablet for little kids: Amazon Fire HD 10 ProThe Amazon Fire HD 10 Pro has easy-to-use features built into the tablet, so you don’t need to download third-party apps. It’s not limited to restricting access to specific apps and websites; you can also set time limits and lock and unlock devices from individual devices.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Pro  battery.
Best of all, the Amazon Fire HD Pro has serious staying power in terms of performance and durability. Fire OS is a fairly stripped-down version of Android, so it doesn’t bog down the CPU and RAM and get in the way when your kids are using creative tools. As far as protection goes, the slim case isn’t that slim.However, if you want more protection, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet has a thicker case, runs the same hardware, and has the same parental controls.

Best tablet for older kids: Apple iPad MiniYour younger child can handle an underpowered tablet, but your older child certainly won’t. Regardless, the Apple iPad Mini is the best tablet to upgrade to. The power of the A15 Bionic chip goes a long way when it comes to multitasking, editing photos and videos, gaming, and pretty much anything they want.As your kids get older, you can think of Apple iPad Mini as a canvas for them to explore their next steps in life. The tablet is compatible with Apple Pencil, Folio, and Magic Keyboard, 

 Apple iPad Mini  Batterygiving them a set of tools to not only explore ideas, but also take notes and complete assignments.
Best kids tablet for school: Apple iPad AirWhile the Apple iPad Mini performs well in a school environment, the Apple iPad Air is a more suitable choice due to its larger display. What’s more, it’s powered by the M1 chip, which is commonly seen in Apple laptops and desktopsApple iPad Air BatteryWhen paired with the Magic Keyboard, the Apple iPad Air is essentially a laptop. The extra screen real estate makes completing school assignments and reports easier. And all this while being incredibly light and portable. For your peace of mind, we still recommend iPad cases There’s no telling what will happen when a tablet is placed in a child’s backpack.
Best reading tablet for kids: Amazon Fire 7
Reading is one of the best ways to introduce your child to a world of wonder. The Amazon Fire 7 is a great little bundle to encourage your child to read. It has a 7-inch display that’s quite comfortable to read, and its lightweight construction makes it easy for your child to hold. Amazon offers a variety of tools to make sure your kids keep up with their reading. For example, if you insist that they complete 30 minutes of reading per day, you can limit access to entertainment apps like YouTube until that standard is met. When it’s time for bed, you can lock your Amazon Fire HD 7 from a separate device.
Depending on the age of your child, you may want to consider purchasing a protective cover.
The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet has the same features and performance, but comes in a thick rubber casing with a built-in kickstand.

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