DJI Mini 4K: Marketing material released ahead of the new 4K drone’s launch, detailing specs and launch price

DJI has confirmed it will release a new compact drone next week. Now, a well-known leaker has provided marketing materials for the DJI Mini 4K, which reveal most of the key specs of the device.

The same leaker also revealed the launch price of the Mini 2 SE successor. DJI will unveil a new compact drone early next week, and we’ve covered the full details separately. As usual, the likes of @Quadro_News have been ahead of DJI, leaking all sorts of information about the Mini 4K , including its price. Judging from the images below, the Mini 4K is essentially an upgraded version of the Mini 2 SE, with an upgraded camera sensor.Specifically, the Mini 4K is said to include a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that can capture footage up to 4K and 30 FPS. Additionally, DJI will complement the new sensor with a 3-axis gimbal as well as electronic image stabilization (EIS ).

However, DJI will keep certain technologies for the more expensive Mini 4 Pro ($959 at Amazon), such as true vertical shooting and its DJI O4 transmission hardware. Instead, the Mini 4K will feature the smaller DJI O2, which has a peak transmission range of 10km and image quality of 720p/30 FPS.Additionally, the Mini 4K’s flight time is only comparable to that of the Mini 2 SE, with a flight time of 31 minutes, as shown below. The Mini 4K is said to retail for $348 and comes with an RC-N1C remote control and smart flight battery. So while the Mini 4K may be significantly cheaper than the Mini 4 Pro, it’s likely to cost about $70 more than the Mini 2 SE ($279 on Amazon). DJI will release the Mini 4K at 13:00 UTC on April 29 

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