What “Battery Not Detected” Means and Fixes in Dell Computers

Laptops are the most commonly used electronic devices in today’s society where you may need to get a lot of work done. As such, this requires you to charge the laptop at all times to get things done seamlessly; otherwise, you may need to connect the power cord, which can be a bit frustrating. But what if your Dell laptop won’t boot due to a dead battery? Fortunately, you probably have a charging cable with you. But sometimes a notification “no battery detected” pops up on your dell laptop when you plug it in the charger. Does this make you feel very frustrated! Below we will tell you what is causing this problem and how to fix it!

First of all, what does it mean when a Dell laptop shows “Battery not detected”?
A laptop’s battery is one of its most important parts, and it’s almost impossible to do anything on a laptop without a battery available, as the battery is the laptop’s main power source. However, sometimes you may run into a confusing situation where you may have a battery, but your Dell laptop may send a notification saying “Battery not detected”. Whenever you get a “Battery not detected” notification in your Dell laptop, it means that your laptop is not able to detect or recognize the battery that is plugged in and equipped. This can be due to a variety of reasons, mainly involving the following:

  1. The battery must be worn out and needs to be replaced immediately. You can detect this if your maximum battery life is significantly reduced.
  2. The battery may not be installed properly. Always make sure the battery is perfectly seated and seated in the laptop and locked in place.
  3. Last but not least, the last possible reason for this type of problem is that your battery may be an aftermarket or non-Dell battery. If you have recently replaced your Dell laptop battery with a duplicate or non-Dell battery, then this may be the most specific cause of the problem.

So, if you are facing the “Battery not detected” issue, then you must first find the reason behind it and then choose a solution to the problem.

Now let’s see what are the signs that your Dell laptop battery needs to be replaced!

How do you know if your Dell laptop battery needs to be replaced?
Sometimes, in some cases, your Dell laptop battery is completely damaged and needs to be replaced immediately so that your laptop can run seamlessly. There are basically three common signs to help you know:

  1. Reduce usage time
    On average, a fully charged Dell laptop battery will produce approximately 6 hours or more of power, depending on the program used. So, if your battery life is decreasing by much less than that, then you must replace it.
  2. Unexpected power issues
    Occasional failures do not necessarily indicate a problem with the battery; therefore, you must note how often your Dell laptop shuts down. If your Dell laptop loses power immediately after the most recent charge, it’s definitely a sign that the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  3. Slow charging
    A healthy Dell laptop battery charges quickly and remains charged when the charging cable is disconnected. So, if your Dell laptop battery is charging slower than before, this is definitely a sign that your Dell laptop battery needs to be replaced.

Let’s find out together how to fix your Dell laptop battery instead of charging it!

How to fix Dell laptop battery not charging issue?
The problem that many Dell laptop users face is that their Dell laptop won’t charge even when plugged into the charger. If you’re having the same problem, then you’ll find that the battery light on the laptop shows that it’s not even charging when there’s an AC adapter connected to it.

To fix your Dell laptop battery not charging issue, follow any of the seven methods below and you’re sure to find a solution to your problem!

Method 1: Plug the Dell laptop into a wall outlet
Method 2: Reinstall the Dell Laptop Battery Driver
Method 3: Reconnect the AC adapter and Dell laptop battery
Method 4: Try another AC adapter
Method 5: Update your BIOS
Method 6: Switch to a Chromebook
Method 7: Contact Dell Customer Support Team

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Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

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