How to Calibrate Your Phone Battery – How-To

When the battery of your mobile phone shows that there is still electricity, but suddenly shuts down. Simply put, the battery displayed on the phone is inconsistent with the actual battery of the phone. This requires you to calibrate your phone battery. Are you still worrying about how to calibrate your phone battery? The following will tell you how to calibrate your mobile phone battery, let’s take a look!

Most phone calibration processes are automatic. Also, you can calibrate your phone battery yourself. Here’s what you can try:

Make sure your phone is fully discharged.
Turn it on and let it close by itself.
Plug in the battery charger and do not turn on the phone.
Allow the phone to reach 100% charge and unplug the charger.
Turn on your phone. If your battery has calibration issues, it may show a smaller percentage when you turn it on. Plug in the battery charger.
Unplug the phone and restart. If the phone shows 100% when it restarts, reinsert the charger until it is fully charged.
Repeat the process until it shows 100% when turned on.
Finally, let your phone battery discharge to 0%, then turn it off. Now plug in the charger and the battery percentage will be reset.
As technology has advanced, battery calibration apps have been proposed. The process is similar to the one above:

Follow the steps above until the phone battery shows 100%.
Make sure your battery is at 100% before launching the battery calibration app.
Launch the app and start the battery calibration process.
After the calibration process is complete, discharge the battery to 0% and let the phone shut itself down.
Fully charge the battery without interruption with the battery turned off. Your phone battery will now be calibrated.
Does a factory reset calibrate the battery?
When you perform a factory reset on your phone, all files and data will be erased. Most Android operating systems have a feature called battery statistics. Battery stats track your battery’s capacity, when it’s fully discharged and when it’s drained.

Battery stats sometimes get corrupted by viruses and start showing inaccurate data. This causes the phone to shut down without warning.

Erasing all of these files with a factory reset might help calibrate your phone’s battery. After a factory reset, it is recommended to run all available firmware and OS updates. This will help with the calibration process.

in conclusion
You are now familiar with the importance of calibrating your phone’s battery. You might think your phone battery is damaged and buy a new one. Your phone battery may need a simple calibration. This will save you extra costs.

Before calibrating your phone battery, perform a visual inspection of the battery. Check for any leaks, cracks or bulges. If you see any of this, your battery is damaged and calibration won’t help. Replace the phone battery with the manufacturer.

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Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

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