Fujifilm Finepix V10 digital camera review

“Photography makes socializing more fun” is Fujifilm’s slogan for its V10 camera, and its unusually high ISO sensitivity should help you take great photos after dark. Gary Wolstenholme sees if this camera can really be the life of the party. Build and handling

The V10’s body is made almost entirely of metal, but with the large screen and delicate controls on the back, it feels more like an expensive accessory than a solid device. There are no finger grips on the front, nor room for your thumb on the back. The screen takes up most of the camera’s space, and you have to reach around it. I found it almost impossible to use it with one hand, and instead had to hold it between the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

The display is protected by a shiny acrylic sheet, which can cause problems when shooting in bright conditions, as the reflective surface makes it difficult to see.


Two AF modes can be selected from the menu, one that locks on the center of the frame, and another that automatically selects the AF point for you. Both modes perform well and lock quickly. The center AF mode is the faster of the two, with minimal lag.

Fujifilm FinePix V10 Camera Battery  Life

It certainly takes a fair bit of juice to power the huge screen, and I managed to get about 120 shots on a fully charged Camera Battery Fujifilm before it died.

Memory Cards

The V10 uses xD memory cards, which slot into the slot next to the battery. Here are the write speeds using the Jpeg quality setting using an Olympus xD card. There are Auto, Manual, Natural Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Night exposure modes to choose from in the menu. Auto is a simple point-and-shoot shooting mode, while Manual mode allows for control over the flash mode and the amount of exposure compensation used. The rest are all automatic scene modes that adjust exposure based on your chosen subject, with the exception of the Natural Light mode, which simply disables the flash, letting you take full advantage of this camera’s wider-than-normal ISO range.

Zoom Lens

The V10’s 3.4x zoom range is a little longer than normal, equivalent to 36-130mm on a 35mm camera. Zooming is quick and precise, but I found the paddle zoom control cumbersome to use, especially since it’s perched on the bottom of the camera out of harm’s way.

I was impressed with the V10’s control of digital noise in macro mode. Images shot up to ISO400 are clean and sharp, with only a small amount of noise visible at ISO400. Noise becomes more noticeable at ISO800 and ISO1600, but it’s still usable for small prints of about 6×4 inches. Another feature of images shot at these high sensitivity settings is the heavy use of in-camera noise reduction, which smooths out speckling. Unfortunately, this also reduces detail and produces strange speckle patterns.


The Fuji Finepix V10 is a love-it-or-hate-it camera. The unusual operation may be enough to put some people off. That being said, the LCD screen is very good, image quality is good, and it’s simple and responsive to use.

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