Philips has launched a new smartphone: Xenium S309

Philips Electronics, a diversified technology company based in Amsterdam, launched two Android smartphones in India in August – the Xenium I908 and Xenium S309 – priced at Rs 11,799 and Rs 4,999 respectively. We got our hands on the entry-level Xenium S309 and here are our thoughts:

The phone has a unique two-ton design that makes it surprisingly light despite its size. It has a good 5MP autofocus camera unit with LED flash and takes decent sized, high-resolution photos.

The screen measures 4 inches and has a resolution of 400 x 800 pixels, so the image quality is pretty good.

The Xenium S309 battery

With a capacity of 1,600 mAH, it seems to be able to provide users with at least 24 hours of battery life.

The dual-core processor and 512MB RAM perform quite well when switching between apps. Philips has done a good job designing the menus and icons on stock Android KitKat. The clock looks particularly nice. First-time smartphone users will find the menus intuitive and easy to master.

What features don’t work with the phone? We think the basic problem is that there are many competitors in the market that offer quite a few upgraded features or specifications in the same price range. In short, the phone is a bit too expensive considering the specifications. The internal memory is too small to provide a good experience for first-time smartphone users. Quite a few must-have apps and Google’s own updates will fill up the memory, forcing users to check how many apps they are using.

Too little, it could be swapped for a 1GB module. Users may experience some lag and hanging issues. While the front camera has a flash, it is a Video Graphics Array (VGA) unit, which gives it an ancient feel. It should have at least 2 megapixels
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