Bose SoundLink Flex Review: Does It Surpass the SoundLink Mini 2?

Bose has launched the SoundLink Flex, a particularly compact and powerful Bluetooth speaker. In a way, this speaker is similar to the SoundLink Mini 2, one of the most popular speakers in recent years. So, can Bose build on the success of the previous model and even improve it a bit? We tested this Bluetooth speaker in a nutshell

In our tests, the Soundlink Flex proved to be a worthy (spiritual) successor to the Soundlink Mini 2  Bluetooth speaker battery, which means that it is particularly impressive in terms of sound and Soundlink Flex battery life. The fact that multiple Bose speakers can be connected in party mode is also very practical.

In addition to this, there is also the function of automatically adjusting the sound when lying down; however, the Bose Soundlink Flex is too little in terms of features overall. But if you care about design, sound and Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth speaker battery, you can buy it with confidence!

Design and processing

With dimensions of 9 cm x 20.1 cm x 5.2 cm and a weight of 0.6 kg, Bose’s Soundlink Flex is a very compact Bluetooth speaker. The manufacturer opted for a sturdy steel housing and a silicone coating. While it is certainly practical that the manufacturer installed a fixing strap, the Soundlink Flex lacks connectivity. Because: there is only USB-C charging! The manufacturer provided us with the Soundlink Flex in carmine red for this test report. This color variant is only available on Amazon, or you can also choose between stone blue, cypress green, white and black. Bose therefore covers a wide range of colors, and I have to say subjectively that I really like the crimson variant.

The workmanship of the Soundlink Flex is also impeccable. Bose seals the Bluetooth speaker to IP67, the majority of the housing is made of non-slip silicone, and the speaker grilles on the front and back are powder-coated. This should make the speaker particularly robust.

Although our test sample is not brand new and may have passed through several editorial offices, I did not find any scratches or other defects. A small special feature: the Soundlink Flex floats – so you can just throw it into the pool and listen to music in the water.

With a weight of 0.6 kg, the Soundlink Flex is also very portable. You can also attach the speaker to a backpack or belt loop using a carabiner or a fixing knot. This is very practical for listening to music in the park or while riding a bike. By the way, the ring is made of finely woven fabric, which also feels nice and of good quality. However, there is one major drawback to the design of the Soundlink Flex: there is only one USB-C slot on the board. This means that you cannot connect any input device to the speaker via a cable. The included charging cable is also USB-C to USB Type A – by 2024, I hope there will be USB-C on both sides.

App and convenient features

To control the Soundlink Flex, Bose provides a companion app that you can install on iOS and Android. However, the Bose Connect app offers you rather few settings options – but it is (again) beautifully designed! If you want to use the Soundlink Flex, we recommend that you download the companion app “Bose Connect App”. You can use it to check the “Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth speaker battery level of the speaker and how many devices the speaker is connected to. It is also possible to switch between multiple devices, despite the lack of multi-pairing functionality (i.e. connecting to multiple devices at the same time).

Battery and charging

According to the manufacturer, the Soundlink Flex can last up to 12 hours when listening to music. Charging is done via USB-C only and you need to set aside a full four hours for a full charge. There is no fast charging feature or option to use the Soundlink Flex as a power bank. The maximum Soundlink Flex battery life is 12 hours, which is impressive in terms of Soundlink Flex batterylife. However, this value can only be realized in everyday life if you don’t turn the Bluetooth speaker fully on. With mixed usage behavior, the runtime drops to about 9 – 10 hours. In most usage scenarios, this is still a good value and you should be able to cope.

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