Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Review

Lenovo proved at CES in January that its reputation when it comes to the latest generation of laptop technology is well-deserved. The company’s lineup ranges from small to large, catering to everyone from casual travelers to hardcore business users. There are also one or two machines aimed at gaming and multimedia users, although at first glance you might not guess that the ThinkPad T410 falls into that category. That machine, along with the T410, T510, and W510, all received a major upgrade last month with Intel’s latest Core i5 and Core i7 processors, injecting much-needed life into the traditionally sturdy and plain ThinkPad line. The T410 we’re reviewing today is a ThinkPad through and through. From top to bottom and edge to edge, there’s no doubt that this is a member of the iconic ThinkPad family. It’s finished in matte black and its styling is a little bland, but it’s built to last. Sounds like a ThinkPad, right? It has the same exterior that loyal Lenovo users know and love, but it’s the selection of components inside that we’re really interested in. Can the ThinkPad T410 maintain its all-business status while still performing at a level acceptable to multimedia enthusiasts?

LenovoThinkPadT410 Laptop BatteryThose expecting the T410 to be a dramatic change from the T400 and T400s we reviewed will be sorely disappointed. Almost everything from the chassis to the keyboard to the trackpad is typical ThinkPad, but the Core i5 CPU (the Core i5-540M, to be specific) is a stark departure from last year’s ThinkPad options. It’s new on the inside, old on the outside — will that be enough to convince existing ThinkPad owners to upgrade? More importantly, will it entice any new customers who have so far resisted buying a machine with a blue “Enter” key? Read on for our full review to find out.

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