Why the Vivo V30 is better than the Google Pixel 7a

I bought a Google Pixel 7a last year with one goal in mind: to consistently produce content about photography and skating for my social media. It didn’t disappoint, and it’s clearly one of the best budget phones out there. However, it wasn’t long before my phone’s internal memory filled up, and Google started suggesting I pay for additional storage.This isn’t surprising, because 1) I’m always taking screenshots to remind myself of things I need to do later (which never works, but that doesn’t mean it stops me); 2) I’m a photographer (self-explanatory, right?); and 3) I frequently use my Google Pixel 7a to shoot and edit content for both personal social media and AP. I also like to keep a few drafts on Instagram and TikTok so I can plan what and when I share each week. Add in the usual storage apps like WhatsApp and Outlook, and I’m down to about 1GB of my total 128GB storage. Granted, the Vivo V30 has a whopping 512GB of storage in comparison, so it’s not really a competitor.

When I reviewed the Vivo V30 Smartphone Battery
was surprised to see how much easier the camera app makes your life when it comes to organizing and resizing images. You can see how big the image is and can reduce the image quality and resolution to save a smaller version of the image. You can also compress videos.You can see the size of the file on the Google Pixel 7a, but its editing tools don’t allow you to resize the file. Because of this, the Vivo V30 is starting to become where I store my content, my “work phone” so to speak.Google Pixel 7a Smartphone Batterybattery for Google Pixel 7a constructed with advanced circuit board technology. Our Google GP5JE battery are sold directly on the network, without other agents profits included, the GP5JE battery price that you see on our website will be 20-50% lower than our competitors in general.Another great thing about the Vivo V30 is that I can easily share media between the V30 and my Google Pixel 7a. Using my Google account on the V30 also makes downloading my essential apps (see above) much easier.While I don’t regret buying the Pixel 7a at all (although maybe not long after the Pixel 8a is released), as a junior content creator, having a second phone is particularly useful.

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