Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge released and price|Super AI + Snapdragon X Elite

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Launch + Price | Samsung’s latest Galaxy Book4 Edge is a revolutionary AI laptop that combines top hardware configuration and innovative artificial intelligence technology to bring users an unprecedented personal computer experience.Galaxy Book4 Edge is equipped with a powerful Galaxy AI system and supports the latest Wi-Fi 7 wireless network standard, allowing users to enjoy a high-speed and seamless experience whether they are connecting across devices or computing in the cloud. Even when offline, the built-in device AI performance can continue to learn and improve user productivity. What’s even better is that it also supports the Copilot+ function, allowing you to interact with the computer in everyday language, which greatly changes the traditional human-computer interaction mode.Another feature is the perfect integration of Galaxy Book4 Edge and other Samsung Galaxy devices. Through the Link to Windows function, you can easily connect your phone to the computer and use the phone’s AI function on a larger screen. There is also the Circle to Search with Google function, which allows users to synchronize search results on their mobile phones to the computer and directly copy and paste them, instantly doubling their work efficiency!Of course, hardware performance is also a highlight of the Galaxy Book 4 Edge. Equipped with a Snapdragon X Elite processor designed specifically for AI, it has an NPU computing performance of up to 45 TOPS, and various AI functions operate more smoothly and quickly. The ultra-longGalaxy Book4 Edge batteryIt can support up to 22 hours of video playback, and with the ultra-fast charging function, you can unleash your creativity and get more work done anytime, anywhere.With the latest Snapdragon X Elite processor, it has excellent performance.Speaking of creativity, the Cocreator program of Galaxy Book4 Edge is definitely a dream product for creators. Using the device’s AI function, you can easily turn drafts and text into works of art, and create new designs with text commands. The various audio and video effects of Windows Studio can fully enhance your video creativity. In addition, Galaxy Book4 Edge uses a Dynamic AMOLED 2X touch anti-reflective flagship display, which supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, presenting the ultimate display effect and cinema-level brightness and color. Even outdoors, the Vision Booster function ensures that users can see the screen clearly.Nine color schemes of the iPhone 16 are exposed! Is the new titanium color popular again? The new battery shell adds

 iPhone 16   batterylife to the. GPT-4o’s completely free voice and video real-time interaction is shocking. The science fiction era is getting closer.Galaxy Book4 Edge 16-inch (equipped with Snapdragon® X Elite X1E-84-100 processor, 16GB RAM + 1TB) is priced at $14,680; Galaxy Book4 Edge 14-inch (equipped with Snapdragon X Elite X1E-80-100 processor, 16GB RAM + 512GB) is priced at $11,980.

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