Oukitel C3 review: An entry-level device that ticks all the boxes

Over the past year, we have tested several devices from Oukitel, most of which were battery monsters. But Oukitel is not a one-trick pony and there are other phones in its lineup that are not solely focused on offering high-capacity batteries. This time, the company has released a budget smartphone that aims to offer great value for money. Priced at under $60, the C3 is one of the most affordable Android Marshmallow smartphones in the market. Let’s see if it can make a name for itself in the entry-level segment. Hardware and DesignFor a price of under $60, I don’t expect the C3 to feature a fancy metal construction or other exotic materials, but the plastic construction of the device feels pretty good in the hand and is adequate in this case. I got the Electric Blue version, which I personally find too shiny and would have been better with a black or dark blue version. The smartphone has a textured back that is said to be inspired by diamonds.
Aside from the textured back, the overall design of the smartphone is pretty standard, but the smartphone does grab attention with its color. There’s nothing wrong with the minimalist design of the C3 and Oukitel didn’t take any risks in that regard. Even the placement of the buttons, camera and speaker are pretty ordinary. The volume and power keys are located on the right side of the device, while the micro USB slot and headphone jack are located at the top.
The speaker is located at the bottom right corner of the back of the smartphone, the microphone is located at the bottom edge, and the rear camera is located at the top center, next to the LED flash. The front of the smartphone is home to the speaker grille, proximity and ambient light sensors on one side, and the front camera on the other.
The smartphone does not have any physical navigation keys, instead it relies on capacitive buttons located at the bottom of the screen. It must be noted that the capacitive buttons do not glow, which was a bit of an issue until I got used to the device.
DisplayThe Oukitel C3 features a 5-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 720p, which translates to 294 pixels per inch. The screen is decent for an entry-level phone, with decent viewing angles and is easily readable in sunlight. Audio and Call QualityThe call quality on most phones these days is nothing to complain about. The C3’s call quality was also decent, but the phone’s proximity sensor failed to work properly a few times, and I ended up randomly pressing the dial button with my face.
The speaker is located at the bottom right corner, which results in muffled sound if you hold it too tightly or place it flat on a surface. Even when not covered, the volume is not enough on the normal setting, but it can be boosted using the internal audio boost setting. There are two system-level audio enhancement features for the speaker and earphones, each with movie and music modes.
Since this smartphone does not come with earphones, I tested the audio output using my own earphones, and the results were quite good. The sound was clear and loud enough, and the bass was adequate, even without the digital enhancements enabled. The earphones also have a bass booster setting, but I found the sound better without it, as it created some muffled sound in music that already had a lot of bass.
CameraLike its predecessor, the Oukitel C3’s cameras are not very good. Moreover, they seem to use interpolation and lack proper image optimization. That being said, they are not completely useless, but you will not want to use them to capture special moments. The video quality on the C3’s highest setting is also quite poor. The camera is capable of shooting videos at 1080p resolution, but obviously the numbers don’t tell the whole story. For imaging, the device is absolutely no good.
SoftwareUnlike most smartphones in its price range, the Oukitel C3 comes pre-installed with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is pretty close to stock Android. The smartphone’s launcher is only slightly different from stock Android, but even that’s not a stretch. Oukitel has brought back the app drawer in the latest version of the launcher, but has kept the MIUI-like icons.BatteryThe 2000 mAh battery of the Oukitel C3 isn’t much by current standards, and a 700-800 mAh battery would have made this smartphone more than adequate. With frequent calls, nearly half an hour of browsing, and intermittent instant messaging, the device lasted about 14 hours. On busy days, the battery life was even less, as the device struggled to make it through the night.
Oukitel has come up with its own battery saving app, which works pretty well in such conditions.

Oukitel Smartphone Batterysaver,Oukitel C3 Smartphone Battery
I managed to get an extra 5 hours of standby time after reaching 10% charge. The app turns off data connection, reduces brightness to minimum and disables syncing to achieve extra standby time.
The phone does not support any fast charging mechanism and it takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery from zero to 100%.
Oukitel C3 Smartphone Battery
Filling from 50% is pretty fast but draining to 50% is also fast.
ConclusionThe Oukitel C3 performs well and I don’t think there are any drawbacks to this smartphone for the average user except for the camera. Although this device is targeted at budget smartphone buyers, it feels a bit better than most devices of the same price range from Indian manufacturers that I have used. The battery of this

Oukitel C3 smartphone   batterycould have been a bit bigger but considering the price, there is nothing to complain about.
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