Dyson V8 cordless vacuum doubles battery life, while new Big Ball gets self-righting powers

Dyson’s new lightweight vacuum cleaner is more powerful than its predecessor, while the company’s new upright vacuum cleaner can’t be pushed over. Dyson has unveiled a new version of its vacuum cleaner. The company hopes the V8 will convince those living in small houses to ditch their bulky old vacuum cleaners in favor of its stylish, stick-like cleaning machine – and the Cinetic Big Ball is designed to right itself if it tips over. V8: Stronger, better, faster, quieterThe new vacuum cleaner replaces the Dyson V6 from 2014. It looks similar to its predecessor, but there are quite a few improvements. Dyson says the vacuum now has up to 40 minutes of 

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery life, a significant increase from the V6’s 20 minutes. That may not sound like much, but it should be enough to clean an entire room before plugging the V8 into the mains.

The suction power itself has also been improved, while the noise the vacuum makes has been reduced. The improvement is hard to measure (although Dyson claims a 50% reduction in noise), but when you hear the V8 running it’s more like a high-pitched, ethereal whine than a jet engine roar. I guess you could hold a conversation while it’s running.

New dusting mechanismA more understated but, in my opinion, more valuable addition is the new mechanism for emptying the V8’s drum. Anyone who’s used a Dyson vacuum knows that opening the bottom of the plastic dust bin and emptying out the collected mess sometimes means reaching into the drum itself to remove large chunks of dust and hair stuck in the filter.

The new dusting method is one of the new features of the V8.
However, when you click the button to empty the V8, the entire filter rises out of the drum, so dust doesn’t get stuck inside. How much of an improvement this is in practice remains to be seen, but in theory at least it sounds like a better way to get rid of dust. The drum also has a larger capacity than the V6’s.
The V8 weighs just 2.6kg (5.7lbs), and Dyson has tried to place components closer to hand to make it easier to lift the vacuum cleaner up and clean above you. If you have curtains (or ceilings) that need cleaning, you might appreciate this center of gravity consideration.

 Battery for Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner This is the hard floor cleaning head. It comes with the pricier “Absolute” model.Luke Westaway/CNETAll of these improvements will have an impact on your bank account. There are currently two versions of the V8 on sale in the UK. The “Animal” version costs £450 or $600, which translates to about AU$780. The pricier “Absolute” model (pictured above) costs £500 but comes with a soft roller cleaning head for hard floors. When it comes to the US, it will replace the V6 Absolute. You’ll be able to buy it from Dyson.com in August, and from other stores in September. Further pricing details haven’t been announced, but £500 equates to about $710 US or AU$930.
That’s a lot of money to spend on a vacuum cleaner, so stay tuned for a full review where we’ll see if the V8 is good value for money.
Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaner has also been given a new look. The Cinetic Big Ball (better get the joke out of the name now, because we’re going to mention it a lot) is filter-free and has a similar dust ejection mechanism to the V8, but also comes with a longer suction wand so taller people can clean their living spaces more comfortably.
The biggest new feature on this product, though, is the automatic reset design. This means that if it’s dropped or knocked over, the new Big Ball is weighted in a way that it pops right back into place. This is handy if you often find your vacuum cleaner tipping over around corners or when you push it too hard.

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