Sony ULT Field 7 review: A great-sounding, rugged party speaker

Sony’s Bluetooth speaker lineup is pretty extensive. There’s the wheeled speaker SRS-XV900, which delivers thunderous omnidirectional sound. Spatial audio enthusiasts can opt for the lavish SRS-RA5000, which delivers room-scale 3D sound with 360 Reality Audio. Budget-conscious buyers can even opt for the SRS-XB100, a fantastic compact speaker that has great bass for its size and is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers.
With so many great options, Sony leaned in to launch another speaker line under the recently announced ULT Power Sound series. Three new speaker models were introduced: the entry-level ULT Field 1, the chunky midrange ULT Field 7, and the flagship ULT Field 10. There’s also a pair of ULT Wear headphones in the series. All products are designed to emphasize bass levels with a ULT button that boosts audio output.
Sony ULT Field 7 Bluetooth Speakers Battery Life (Rated): 30 hoursConnectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 with SBC, AAC, and LDACDurability: IP67-ratedLike some of Sony’s best headphones, the ULT Field 7 showcases top-notch craftsmanship. The cylindrical design is wrapped in hard plastic and a sturdy mesh weave for a look that’s both beautiful and durable. The IP67 certification means the speaker can withstand dust and high water pressure. The passive radiators are recessed on each side. Details like the buttons and Sony logo are well revealed. Most impressive is the rear compartment, which is flush when closed and hides a ton of features (more on that later).
You can use the handle to take the speaker anywhere you want. However, the speaker is large and heavy (14 pounds), so it’s not exactly a breeze to carry around.
Sony ULT FIELD 7 Review: Controls and Connectivity Useful quick controls and inputs on the speakerGuitar and mic supportEasy wireless connectivityLet’s start with the top module, which houses six buttons: Power On/Off, Bluetooth, Play/Pause, Volume -, Volume +, and ULT. Most of the buttons are embossed and easy to spot, while the ULT button is round and enables Sony’s two bass-boosting modes. They all have a solid tactile feel and respond instantly to single/multi-press gestures.
There’s a compartment on the back with buttons for toggling the LED and Sony   ULT Field 7   bluetooth speakersbattery-saving modes, as well as karaoke features like Echo and Key Control for adjusting the tone. The guitar button indicates whether you’re using a guitar or a mic when the speaker is plugged in. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack, AC connector, gain knob, guitar quarter-inch mic/guitar input, and a USB-A port for connecting the speaker to any desktop setup or charging a portable device. The buttons and ports work well.
Here I tested the ULT Field 7 speaker, and on first impression it looks like a big portable speaker that’s just as expensive. Powerful sound and interesting features, plus a huge, nearly indestructible case, are features that help mask the high MSRP. Scroll down to read my full review to see if the Sony ULT Field 7 is worth the investment. Loud, room-filling soundULT modes hit or missSound field optimization worksThe bass is Sony’s forte, and there’s enough bass to satisfy most listening environments. The X-Balanced speaker unit combines with a passive radiator and two tweeters to produce a loud, spacious sound that doesn’t compromise on frequency range, at least not when the special modes are disabled. One of the biggest selling points of the series is the ULT button, which enables different sound modes: ULT1 for a deep low-pass range and ULT 2 for an emphasis on sound pressure. These effects are positive for some tracks and detrimental for others. I liked the tight sound of the bass drum and snare drum on Torii Wolf’s “Everlasting Peace,” but was disappointed by the overly loud resonance that muted the frequencies on Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.”
Audio performance was best when Soundstage Optimization was turned on in the companion app. This automatically scans your environment for ambient noise and adjusts the sound on the fly, and it worked surprisingly well. I placed the speaker on my balcony, where there’s all sorts of incidental noise (eg, air conditioning units, landscaping, fountain splashing), and this feature improved clarity.
LDAC enables smooth playback on the best music streaming services. I’d really like to see 360 ​​​​​​Reality Audio here, especially when used with optimized Tidal tracks.
In settings, you’ll find lighting, power, and sound modes. Lighting has 10 selectable lighting sequences. Power options offer a variety of choices for extending  Sony  bluetooth speakers  battery life. Two ULT modes can be toggled in the Sound Effects field, along with custom EQ and Soundstage Optimization. When streaming, you can choose to prioritize sound quality or connectivity. DJs can create mixes using the isolator and flanger settings, though neither setting adds much to the listening experience.
The home page has a  Sony   ULT Field 7   bluetooth speakers battery level indicator, a volume slider, and shortcuts to popular streaming platforms. You can access your personal music catalog in My Library. Audio input and USB let you control playback on plugged-in devices. Finally, you can group other ULT Field 7 speakers together for true stereo sound, or connect up to 100 compatible speakers to sync music (and lighting) via Party Connect.
Sony’s Fiestable app works with the speakers to add sound effects, adjust lighting and karaoke modes, and mirror the sound system’s lighting effects on your phone’s display. It will appeal mainly to DJs and party hosts who want to liven up the party atmosphere
Sony ULT FIELD 7 Review: Sony ULT Field 7 Bluetooth Speakers Battery LifeSony ULT Field 7 by the pool with reviewer Alex Bracetti
One of the longest-lasting Bluetooth speakers on the marketOnboard features can seriously eat into the Sony ULT Field 7 Bluetooth Speakers Battery lifeUSB port can be used to charge portable devicesSony rates the Sony  ULT Field 7  bluetooth speakers battery life at 30 hours. This means the ULT Field 7 outlasts other bass-heavy behemoths, such as the JBL PartyBox Stage 320 (18 hours) and the UE Hyperboom (24 hours), while offering the same playtime as some smaller speakers, such as the Tribit Stormbox Flow. One caveat, though: Volume must be kept at around 25%, with both the LED and ULT mode disabled. Enabling the latter may reduce battery life to around 7 hours.
After testing, this speaker lasts about 15 hours, taking into account the special features and volume. That’s enough for two weekend parties (4-5 hours per day) and charging a smartphone. There are two power saving modes –Sony Bluetooth Speakers Battery Care, which suppresses the charge to 90%, and Stamina, which optimizes settings to suppress power consumption – each of which can provide 2 hours of additional use. The auto-standby function puts the speaker into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity. You can get 3 hours of playback time with a 10-minute charge.
Sony ULT FIELD 7 Review: ConclusionYou can get loud, wide sound from any reasonably priced Bluetooth speaker, especially one with the Sony logo. Why should you consider the ULT Field 7? Versatility.
The powerful sound quality and deep bass will definitely attract brand lovers. The design is heavy, but very rugged, providing a high level of protection during pool parties and outdoor gatherings. However, it’s the party features and portable charging capabilities that turn the speaker into an enjoyable and maintainable ecosystem, and make the ULT Field 7 a great portable speaker, even if it’s expensive.

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