Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro review: 200 MP photos, battery and… physical sensor

Two new Xiaomi smartphones are officially available starting today, they are the Mi 12T and the 12T Pro, the second model I will introduce to you in this review and the top model of the series.It’s a high-end product, but not semi-premium, and there are increasingly interesting offers. The list price is 849 euros, but through different launch offers it is possible to take it home at a great price and have a concrete, reliable and powerful smartphone, some of which are cheaper than high-end flagships.

Let us see. The dimensions of the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro are quite large (163.1mm x 75.9mm x 8.6mm). The overall look is consistent with the ‘T’ series from previous years, with the smartphone sporting a sinuous, rounded design on virtually all edges. The surface is regular, and thanks to the thickness of 8.6 mm, it looks almost gigantic. Although it lacks water and dust resistance certification, and the edges are made of polycarbonate rather than aluminum, good build quality is there.This is a smartphone that is comfortable to hold in the hand, but is inevitably large, and on the other hand we belong exactly to that category of products that point to the essentials, for example, preferring a sufficient battery to small size and weight (205 grams). Above, I marked the presence of the infrared port, while the power and volume rockers are located on the right.The protective glass and back cover are both made from Gorilla Glass 5, and the package comes with a clear TPU cover and pre-applied film. Remove it and you’ll be able to appreciate the superior oleophobic treatment.ExhibitThe display is a 6.67-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 2712 x 1220 pixels and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. This is not an LTPO panel, but the refresh rate is still dynamically managed in steps between 30, 60, 90, 120 Hz.

There’s no shortage of HDR10+ support and Dolby Vision, either.It’s a nice monitor, well calibrated, with the factory claiming a Delta E of 0.38 and a JNDC of 0.28 points. Unfortunately, it lacks some inspiration in terms of brightness, not reaching 1000 nits, which is slightly different from direct competitors, including the Xiaomi 12X and 12, which do a bit better. The result is less punchy HDR and decent but not great outdoor readability. You’ll be happy to know that the proximity sensor is physical, like we’ve already experienced on the Poco M5; Xiaomi charting a new course and ditching the problematic virtual proximity sensor? We’re not sure, but at least the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro runs fine without the slightest issue, which is good.On Xiaomi 12T Pro,

we find MIUI 13 Global based on Android 12 and security patches updated to August 2022. Let me remind you that Xiaomi usually provides 2 years of Android updates for these high-end smartphones and supports 3 years of security patches.As always there is no shortage of user possibilities on Xiaomi UX and in this case for another one that combines Android 12 and MIUI 13 I have already

warmed up to Xiaomi 12S Ultra and here it is proven to be effective, except for some minor errors that appear from time to time.Xiaomi pays great attention to the interactive functions of smartphones, allowing you to get a personalized use experience, and then we found the “Touch Assistant” that enables retractable navigation keys, and the “Sidebar” that launches applications opened in windows, we You can choose between a separate or combined notification center to quickly toggle and activate many other gestures corresponding to multiple functions. Starting from the first configuration, you will find a few apps, games, mainly social networks and other unsolicited utilities pre-installed, and luckily everything can be uninstalled

without any hassle.After all, I don’t mind MIUI at all. I used Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra for a long time in the summer. At that time, I was able to experience the interaction for a long time and it felt good. Here the animation is perhaps a little too rich, and here and there, for example in the selection of backgrounds or in the “Beauty Mode for Video Calls”, the oriental origin shines through, but it is part of a very refined package, the latest version is faster and more streamlined than in the past.Datasheet Display: 6.67-inch flat crystal resolution AMOLED 2712×1220, up to 120Hz refresh rate, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, HDR10+, Dolby VisionMobile Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Xiaomi 12T Pro is a smartphone that works well overall, after all, Xiaomi has solved the proximity sensor issue so you can fully enjoy the product in daily use. Performance is certainly a strong point, and the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 shows no signs of sagging, proving itself to be a real racehorse when it comes to power consumption and temperatures. It’s not for nothing that the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro is a great product when it comes to gaming, and it’s also favored by the Game Turbo suite that allows you to customize different parameters, including visuals, performance, and network management and notifications.The versions I tried were the ones with 8 GB of RAM (almost expandable), they seem a bit tight for MIUI 13 and Android 12: for the version that costs 50 euros more, I can recommend the 12 GB version if you are interested. Maximize liquidity and reactivity, otherwise it’s ok.And the tactile feedback is great, it’s more noticeable in MIUI 13 than in the past, the optical fingerprint reader under the display is perfect, it’s in the right place and doesn’t miss a beat.Recharge and autonomyThere’s no wireless charging, which is a big bummer, on the other hand you’ll find a 120W power supply that can fully charge your smartphone in 20 minutes. You don’t really need that much, since its autonomy is huge and among smartphones with top-tier processors it is probably the best one I have tried so far: two days of use without major question, at least 6 and a half/7 hours of effective display time.I pointed out that if you don’t need super-fast charging, there’s an option in the software to disable it.Audio and multimediaThe two speakers, both Harman Kardon speakers, sound powerful and full, and the only flaw I found was some distortion at maximum volume, possibly due to noticeable vibrations in the rear body.

Overall, the multimedia area reaches a certain level thanks to the different standards supported by the monitor and the range of excellent settings for headphone audio: from equalization to simulation of ambient scenes to separate fine-tuning of the sound of the right and left headphones.Telephone parts and connectionsFrom this point of view, there are no problems to report, the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro has proven reliable and efficient in all operations involving connections from signal reception to dual-SIM management, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, everything is fine.I was surprised to find that the support for dual SIM cards and an eSIM card was not obvious, just like it was not a great feature that I was able to experience when data roaming abroad.Camera The Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro occupies a cornerstone in the photography field and sums up well what it is overall: an excellent smartphone with many advantages but also some important compromises. The main camera features an impressive 200 MP Samsung Isocell HP1 sensor, which we’ve already seen on the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, confirming that it’s great and performs better than expected, however, there are two others on either side The sensors, they are very small compared to the product positioning, one is 8 MP ultra wide angle and one is 2 MP macro.Starting with the 200 MP photos, I can only be satisfied, as you can see from the photo samples, the quality is very high and the level of detail is impressive. Obviously a lot of light is needed to take full advantage of the full resolution, but the results are very interesting.Xiaomi has implemented this beautiful Samsung sensor very well, also allowing you to shoot at 50 MP (9 pixel binning) and possibly also take advantage of 2x digital zoom without loss of quality, where only the center pixel of the sensor is used.Of course, you don’t necessarily need to take a photo at 200 MP, and since the image weighs about 50-70MB, the sensor is actually designed to be able to combine pixels into 4×4 groups, giving you a huge 2.56 micron virtual for a photo taken at 12.5 MP pixels. Pixel binning can be put to good use in low light and any other situation.Quality is pretty good throughout, only in night mode the image isn’t completely spotless and there’s some mixed noise, but overall the level is very high, higher than the Mi 12 and 12X (but not the 12 Pro).In the gallery you can also see some selfies that totally convinced me, as well as ultra-wide shots that were discreet during the day but very poor at night. As expected, the smartphone’s main camera captures very well, while the other two fall a little short. Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro is priced at €849 for the 8/256 GB version and €899 for the 12/256 GB version.

This price list positions the product in a highly competitive range, making it difficult to stand out.This is a capable smartphone, no doubt about its performance, autonomy and 200 MP camera, but at the same time it does not offer the same specifications as other competitors. Basically, this is a classic product that’s worth keeping an eye on because the deals are coming quickly, which makes it very attractive.
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