Dell Latitude E7440 review – Performance, heat, noise and battery life review

Dell Latitude E7440: PerformanceThe Core i7 chip inside this machine is a low-power part, so its specs are a mix of high-end numbers with inevitable compromises. Regular speeds of 2.1GHz are decent, with Turbo Boost peaking at 3.3GHz, but the part only has two hyper-threaded cores—the full-power mobile Core i7 has four cores.The chip has an Intel HD Graphics 4400 core and is paired with a generous 8GB of RAM. It’s not the most powerful integrated chip in the Haswell Core i7 segment, but it’s on par with chips offered by Dell’s competitors. The Latitude’s PCMark 7 score of 4,705 is a good score between the Sony and Lenovo systems, and more than adequate for work—from browsing the web and running a word processor to working with demanding databases and even high-definition photos. In GeekBench, the Dell scored 5,941, an excellent result that trailed only machines with full-fat mobile Core i7 CPUs. During our testing, the vast majority of apps got up and running quickly and smoothly. Only the most difficult office applications will prove inadequate for this machine. Powering the Dell’s performance is a 256GB LiteOn SSD. The sequential read and write results of this hard drive are 477MB/s and 396MB/s respectively. Although it is not top-notch among SSDs are several times faster than any mechanical hard drive. This means software load times are fast, and it also means the system boots up in just 14 seconds – an impressive result that will help you get to work faster.The HD Graphics 4400 chipset scored 35,720 on 3DMark’s Ice Storm benchmark. That’s about 2,000 points higher than Lenovo and more than double Sony’s score. It’s not powerful enough to play modern games at anything but the most modest settings: On Bioshock Infinite’s very low-quality test, we dropped it to 1,024 x 768, but still only managed 16fps.Dell Latitude E7440 16Dell Latitude E7440: Heat and noiseWhen it comes to thermal performance, the Latitude E7440 has few issues. We didn’t notice the Dell’s fans when performing day-to-day tasks like web browsing and word processing, and while the internal spinner cranks up a notch when running more intensive applications, it never gets above a low hum, and not too distracting. Its sonic performance is similar to the Sony machine and almost as impressive as the Lenovo machine.We didn’t experience any heat issues, either—any warm air the Latitude generates blasts out of a small vent on the left edge. There’s a small grille on the base, and the bottom panel does get a little warm, but it’s far from Uncomfortable. The keyboard and trackpad stay cool, too.Dell Latitude E7440 17Dell Latitude E7440: Battery lifeThe Latitude comes with a removable 47WhDell Latitude battery, but there is no option to install a larger battery on this machine. At least a spare 47Wh can be purchasedDell Latitude E7440 laptop battery for £107. If that’s a bit too much, the 34Wh battery costs £90.In our PowerMark test, the Dell lasted 6 hours and 4 minutes. That’s a reasonable score, better than Lenovo’s, but still not as good as the Sony VAIO Pro 13’s 6 hours and 30 minutes, or theMacBook Air’s batterylife.We plugged the laptop back in and measured the laptop batterylevel after 30 minutes of charging. The Dell charged 31% during this period, not far behind the Sony but far from the Lenovo, which has a fast-charging system that charges to 77% in just 30 minutes.

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