2024 iPad Pro battery life is jaw-dropping: Apple’s claims are far from optimal

Apple claims that new 2024 iPad Air and iPad Pro models have up to 10 hours of battery runtime, whether you’re surfing the web over Wi-Fi or enjoying video playback. So when we put the TikTok performance tests on the two 13-inch models we owned (iPad Pro and iPad Air), we didn’t expect the tablets to last beyond a typical work or school day.

2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air battery life resultsWe were curious about how long theiPad Air’s battery would last on a charge, so we played a TikTok video on a continuous loop at 50 percent brightness until the tablet died. To my surprise, the 13-inch iPad Air with the M2 chip lasted 3 hours longer than expected, with the 13-inch iPad Air clocking in at an impressive 13 hours and 10 minutes of battery life. Now, if you think that’s praiseworthy, just wait and see what we get with the new 13-inch iPad Pro , which skips a generation and sports an M4 chip.As mentioned, Apple claims we’ll only be able to spend a maximum of 10 hours with this bad boy.

It turns out that the 13-inch iPad Pro batterylife of 16 hours and 24 minutes.Keep in mind that our Apple iPad battery drain tests don’t take into account any idle time, which is typical of normal usage, so the iPad Pro and iPad Air will likely last longer on a charge for most users. long. So if you want a long-lasting iPad that actually delivers all-dayiPad batterylife, then the iPad Pro will definitely satisfy your wall socket needs.

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