How to remove a laptop battery

Whether you’re using an Apple Mac or a Windows laptop, the process for removing the battery is generally the same. Also, it is common to see some laptops with the latest operating systems come with unusable laptop batteries. In these cases, you can simply take the laptop to a nearby service center or any professional technician and get the job done. Your professional technician will remove the battery without causing any damage to other external or internal parts of the system. However, if your laptop battery works, you can easily remove it. The following will tell you how to remove the laptop battery, let’s take a look!

How to remove the laptop battery?
The following are general ideas for removing a laptop battery. If you’re replacing a laptop battery, you can easily insert a new battery after removing the old one. However, follow the steps below to remove your laptop’s battery.
Step 1: Unplug the laptop if it is plugged in, or you can disconnect the power cord.
Step 2: Turn the system over so the bottom is facing up.
Step 3: Locate the battery latch on the bottom of the laptop.
Step 4: To remove the laptop battery, you must slide the latch switch in the opposite direction and hold it in this position until the laptop battery is released.
Step 5: On some Windows or Mac laptops, the battery will usually pop out on its own. However, for others, you have to pull it out with your fingertips.

Important: While most laptops only have one latch, some require you to slide both latches to remove the battery. For these laptops, the latches look similar on laptops with one latch, but require you to move both latches at the same time, usually toward each other.

Also, some older laptops, such as IBM’s, require you to pull out the latch and push it toward the battery.

If you can’t find any buttons or latches to release the laptop battery, the laptop may use a different method to remove the battery. Laptops may require servicing by a professional service technician who can remove the laptop completely or partially. We strongly recommend that you refer to your laptop documentation or check the manufacturer’s official website for steps to remove the laptop battery. If repairs are required to remove the battery, the website or documentation will guide you.

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