Trying Out Movado’s New Connect Smartwatch

Try Movado’s new Connect smartwatch Like many people I meet every day, I don’t wear a watch regularly anymore. After all, I always have my phone with me. It permanently displays the time and date front and center on your home screen. Also , I check my phone every few minutes. So I usually know the current time.

That said, I love a nice watch. Movado’s new Men’s Connect smartwatch ($445) has rekindled my interest in wearing one every day.It runs on Google Wear OS, like many Android OS watches today. That just means it pairs with a sister app on your phone so you can easily control what information your watch displays and customize your face. Movado also measures heartbeat and steps through the Google Fit app, which I love.

Of course, it can also display phone calls, appointments, emails, apps, and text and social media messages. Plus, Google Assistant excels in this area. You can customize the information you want to display.I found it very easy to reply to text messages directly from the watch face. To be honest, I’ve used smartwatches in the past, and while it’s not that simple, I have no problem with this model – especially since it suggests short and common replies. It’s also great to use when you’re driving and want Google Maps navigation directions to show up on your watch. Checking your wrist seems safer than looking down at your phone, which is often placed in the coffee cup holder on the side of your right leg while driving. As with other smartwatches I’ve tried, the dial isn’t very responsive. This watch bucks that trend. I found it easy to switch between screens with a swipe of my index finger. But the super thing about this Movado is that it’s just a men’s watch.

Several men saw me wearing this watch and asked what brand it was. Yes, it’s so beautiful. It includes a 46.5mm stainless steel case, a round digital dial with edge-to-edge crystal, over 100 customizable watch face variations, and an adjustable black silicone strap with a stainless steel buckle. It can look sophisticated or casual and adapts perfectly to the way I dress. It also supports NFC and is even compatible with iPhones. Additionally, it is water-resistant up to 30 meters.It’s easy to set up – it syncs with your phone via Bluetooth. You can control how much information and which apps you want to access on your phone. It charges via the included USB cable and I just connect it to my computer. I’m not sure what the watch battery capacity is, but I know I charge it overnight every night and theMovado watch battery has enough power to last the day. Trust me, I rely heavily on this watch during my testing.

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