ASUS Zenbook Duo (2024) review: The first dual-screen laptop worth buying

You get a ton of extra useful features for not a lot of money or bulk. Almost every major PC manufacturer has dabbled with the idea of ​​dual-screen laptops at some point. Back in 2011, Acer released the Iconia 6120, which featured not one but two 14-inch displays. Then at CES 2017, Razer showed off Project Valerie, which increased the panel count to three, and then a year later demoed something less extravagant in Project Linda. Fast forward to 2020, and Dell is dazzling us with its Concept Duet.

Even Apple tried its hand at this category with its older MacBook Pros with Touch Bars, but reversed course and abandoned them entirely a few years ago.Lenovo, on the other hand, has an entire line of devices dating back to the original Yoga Book, culminating most recently in the Yoga Book 9i, which comes very close to turning the promise of a dual-screen laptop into a truly compelling option. But now, after several generations of its own devices, Asus has packed it all into the Zenbook Duo. It’s a super sleek machine with two screens that’s only slightly larger than a similarly sized clamshell phone. There’s also a detachable keyboard and a built-in stand for maximum adaptability. The Zenbook Duo starts at $1,500, which isn’t a lot of money for a product with a ton of extra useful features.

So while it’s been quite a journey, Asus has finally launched a dual-screen laptop, proving once and for all that two screens are indeed better than one.ASUS Zenbook DuoDesignOne of the most impressive things about the Zenbook Duo is that it doesn’t look like some kind of Frankenstein. This is just a regular 14-inch laptop. Even when turned on, the physical keyboard and touchpad still look normal, not to mention the healthy selection of external ports (two Thunderbolt 4, one USB 3.2 Type-A, and a full-size HDMI 2.1 jack). A small part of me hopes Asus can find room for some kind of SD card reader, but I understand if There isn’t room.Monitors and softwareThe heart of the Duo is a pair of 14-inch displays that are an absolute delight. The matching OLED panel not only delivers powerful brightness (approximately 500 nits), but also delivers rich and accurate colors (100% DCI-P3). But the real magic lies in using both panels at the same time.In a small space,

the Zenbook Duo functions like a traditional clamshell laptop.Moving apps from one monitor to another is as easy as dragging and dropping or using the convenient menu that appears at the top of the monitor. In addition, there is a floating button in the lower left corner for ASUS’s ScreenXpert software, which provides Shortcuts for adjusting brightness (individually or in pairs), disabling specific panels, or bringing up handy widgets like Control Panel, handwriting recognition tools, news, and weather. If the goal is to get as much value as possible out of the Duo’s two monitors, I think Asus’ software does a pretty good job.Zenbook Duo batterylifeYou might think a system with two screens would be power-hungry, but the Zenbook Duo performs better than expected.

In our video running test, with just one screen turned on, it lasted 13 hours and 12 minutes, which is almost on par ( and actually a tad longer than the Zenbook 14 OLED (12:43)). With both screens on, the duo’s time only dropped to 10 minutes and 17 seconds, which is still enough to get through an entire workday.wrap upWhat’s most impressive about the Zenbook Duo is that it offers two screens without adding a ton of extra bulk or cost.
Photography: Sam Rutherford/EngadgetWell, the Zenbook Duo delivers on the promise of a dual-screen laptop. But a question I often get is, who is such a device actually intended for? The most obvious application is for people traveling with portable monitors. But more broadly, this thing is aimed at people who appreciate multiple monitors and want a system that can recreate that experience in a more travel-friendly way, and that’s exactly what the Zenbook Duo does with aplomb. But the best part is that it doesn’t make major sacrifices to do so, since it can work like any other clamshell device when space is tight (like on a plane) thanks to its detachable keyboard.

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