LG V30 Review: Battery Life, Features, Camera, and More

The LG V30 is the best smartphone LG has ever made. But just because it’s the best LG can do, doesn’t mean it’s the best you can buy. Competition is fiercer than ever this year. After the failure of the LG G5, the company headed into 2017 with strong momentum, releasing the G6, Q6, and now the V30.

It’s a very strong lineup and completely different from the company’s previous attempts to win over smartphone buyers. In our LG V30 review, we look at why the V30 is LG’s best choice and how its camera and video technology differ from the rest.Eye-catching and minimalistIronically, the first victim of LG’s latest smartphone hack is the LG G6, which was released earlier this year. If you have to choose between the two, you should go with the V30. It’s more powerful, lighter, has a better camera, and is better looking.

While the G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio screen sets the trend, the design surrounding it isn’t refined. LG changes that with the V30. The body is slimmer, smoother, and rounder. The “bezel-less” smartphone design trend continues, with the edges on either side of the screen being slimmer than ever. It’s less masculine and slimmer.

Since the glass back panel is attached to the metal chassis, it’s more susceptible to breakage; but LG has put this phone through 14 military-standard strength tests, so it shouldn’t break on the first drop. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, as one of our early previews had the rear glass cracked after a brief three-foot drop to the floor – we recommend grabbing a protective case.

There is a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone and it recognizes the fingerprint sensor. Reasonably placed at the top center of the phone, away from the camera lens. Hear that, Samsung? Unlocking your phone is super fast, but there’s another option we really like – face unlock. It doesn’t use an iris scanner like the Galaxy Note 8, but it’s still very effective. It also works on the always-on lock screen, and we found it to be faster than the Galaxy Note 8’s face unlock system.

The fingerprint sensor doubles as the power button, and the volume rocker is on the left edge of the phone. On the bottom edge, you’ll find a USB Type-C charging port, located next to the bottom-firing speaker. Don’ t worry – there’s a headphone jack, and it’s at the top. The LG V30 can compete with the best and is the best phone LG has ever madeLG has sealed the V30 like the G6, removing a feature that was a standard feature of the previous V series: the replaceable

LG V30 battery. There’s a reason for this sacrifice – IP68 waterproof rating. This means you should be able to take the V30 underwater to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. While many will lament the loss of the replaceable battery, in our opinion it’s a worthwhile trade. Battery packs are cheap and plentiful these days, and the LG V30 battery life is surprisingly long (more on that later).The V30 is beautiful, eye-catching, simple and stylish. We like the Cloud Silver option, but some carriers offer stylish black models. Unfortunately, our favorite Moroccan Blue version isn’t available in the United States. The evolution of the V- Series from the ugly duckling (sorry, V10) to the rather faceless V20 to the jaw-dropping V30 is a joy to watch.It’s not all good news, though.

The V30 doesn’t feel as high-end as the iPhone 8 or Note 8 in the hand, largely because it’s so light and feels a bit cheap. The curved edges also make the V30 very sharp to hold. It’s not very comfortable, and the metal chassis makes the device slippery. It’s great to look at the V30; the V30 doesn’t feel great in the hand.As we mentioned before, the V30 has a nearly edge-to-edge display, with smaller bezels above and below the screen than those on the LG G6.

The screen ratio is 18:9, so it’s longer and thinner than traditional phones like the OnePlus 5. Advantages include more space for list-based apps like Twitter and Facebook, as well as general web browsing, and the availability of certain movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime.While we like the V30’s screen, the curved edges can be frustrating. Its sides are very sensitive, and some apps can be accidentally activated, and touching the sides with your palm prevents characters from being pressed while typing.It is joined by a 16-megapixel primary lens with an angle of 71 degrees and f/1.6 aperture. Night shots do look great, but the V30 still needs light to look its best. The selfie camera is the same as the G6, with a wide-angle setting and integrated beauty mode. It hasn’t been redesigned like the rear camera, but it controversial doesn’t need much improvement.The V30 is a fantastic filmmaking machine. We’ve been using it to shoot product videos and we’ve been impressed with the results.Battery and audioLG says that due to the energy efficiency of the OLED screen and the power-saving technology inside the Snapdragon 835 processor, the V30 battery does not require a larger capacity LG G6 phone battery than the G6. The good news is that LG is right.

The LG V30 phone’s battery life is consistently impressive, and we saw a full charge of its 3,300mAh LG phone batterylast for a day and a half, even on pre-production software and with moderate to heavy use. At the last retail unit, we always arrive home around 6pm. Less than 50% of working time remains.There’s also wireless charging for convenience, as well as using LG’s Quick Charge feature.LG V30 MusicJulian Chokkattu/Digital TrendsIf you’re looking for a high-quality audio experience, the V30 is even an improvement over the excellent G6. There’s a quad digital-to-analog converter (DAC) inside, along with AptX HD, which delivers superior Bluetooth audio with compatible headphones. The Quad DAC works with wired headphones to enhance audio throughout the range. If you haven’t heard of AptX HD, you’re in for a treat. It’s great and will change the way you think about wireless audio performance.

The MicroSD card slot also lets you store plenty of music, but internal storage offers 64GB of space, which should be enough for most people.There’s also the V30+ model, which is the same phone but with 128GB of storage. It will be available from Sprint soon. You can check out our V30 buying guide for full details.LG phones come with a standard one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects on the device, but LG is “so confident” in the quality of the V30 that it’s offering the second year for free. You must register the device.The LG V30 is the best phone LG has ever made, and it competes with the best phones of 2017 from other major manufacturers. If you’re excited about shooting great video and want a camera that doesn’t have any features, the V30 is an excellent choice. Just repeat the same old bokeh effect but do something different.

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