Changing the LG G8S battery: Is it possible?

If you bought an LG G8S, replacing the LG G8S smartphone battery is not an easy thing to solve. This is due to the design of the smartphone. The LG smartphone battery has the battery firmly bonded to the G8S body, so replacing theLG smartphone battery may damage the battery. This often results in an explosion or fire. Replacing the battery on LG G8S

The LG G8S is a new budget smartphone from manufacturer LG that was launched in the summer of 2019. As with most modern smartphones, the battery is permanently installed and can only be opened using tools. Since lithium-ion batteriescan only be charged and discharged a limited number of times, the battery may

eventually fail completely and the smartphone will become useless. Replacing the LG G8S is especially difficult because not only is the case tightly welded, but the battery is also connected to the case with adhesive. This can only be removed by force, which may cause dangerous reactions.

Therefore, LG explicitly warns against replacing the LG GS8 battery on the LG GS8. If so, you should consult a professional and do not try it yourself under any circumstances. Explosions, acid leaks, and fires may occur. However, with a few tricks, you can extend the performance of your smartphone battery. How to extend battery life without replacing the  LG GS8 battery.

Close all applications you are not using.Enable power saving mode.
Do not use your phone in extremely high or low temperatures.Disable Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi when not needed.

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