ASUS Battery Health Charging App Helps Prolong Battery Lifespan

ASUS Battery Health Charging is an application that can help extend the battery life of your ASUS PC. In this article, MiniTool Partition Wizard will introduce you to this application and tell you how to solve the problem of Asus battery health charging not working.What is ASUS Battery Healthy ChargeMany users like to keep the AC adapter connected when using their laptop to avoid the laptop suddenly shutting down due to low battery. But exposing the battery to high power (98-100%) frequently will result in shortened battery life.ASUS Battery Health Charger allows you to set the battery’s maximum power RSOC (relative state of charge). It provides the following 3 charging modes:Full Capacity Mode: Charge to full capacity so your laptop can run longer on battery power.

Balance mode: Stop charging when the battery level is higher than 80%, and recharge when the battery level is lower than 78%. This mode is suitable for holding meetings using a laptop on battery power.Longest battery life mode: Stop charging when the battery level is above 60%, and recharge when the battery level is below 58%. This mode is suitable when your laptop is always powered by the AC adapter.You can choose a mode according to your needs. As long as you don’t choose to charge the battery to 100%, battery wear will be reduced.How to Get Asus Battery Healthy ChargeSome ASUS laptops come with ASUS 

high quality laptops ​Battery Healthy Charging pre-installed. Please check if the tool can be found on your computer. If you have installed MyASUS, please check if you can find the ASUS Battery Health Charging feature in this tool.If you can’t find this feature in the MyASUS app, your laptop may not support Battery Health Charging. Please check if your laptop is on the ASUS Battery Health Charging Laptops list.If your laptop supports ASUS Battery Healthy Charge but you can’t find the app on your computer, you can download and install it again. You can get this software from the Microsoft Store. After installing this software, you should go to the ASUS Download Center to download and install the ATK software package that corresponds to your computer model.

Asus battery health charging not workingSome people may encounter the problem of ASUS battery health charging not working, the symptoms may be as follows:You cannot change health mode in the app. Balanced mode and Max Life mode are both gray.You select Balanced Mode or Maximum Life Mode, but the battery still charges to 100%.To resolve this issue, you can try the following:Make sure your laptop supports ASUS laptop

Battery Health Charging and that you have installed the ATK package corresponding to your PC model. Many people may overlook this, but this step is very important.
Reset battery charging mode. Some say the app may not run if the charger is connected when the laptop is turned off. Therefore, after turning on the laptop, please reset the battery charging mode.Reinstall the ASUS BatteryHealth Charging app or MyASUS app.

Updated ASUS system control interface. Go to the ASUS Download Center, find your computer model, then open the Drivers & Tools tab, then download and install the thing under Utilities. After that, restart your computer.

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