Full Solutions to fix Huawei Phone Battery Drain and Overheating Problems

We have seen a lot of posts and discussions on the internet where people have shared the issues they are facing with their new Huawei phones. The biggest issues we encounter are Huawei phone batteries draining and overheating, so we’re here to share a guide that can help you fix it.

None of us want to become obsolete when it comes to the latest gadgets, and we understand the reason behind this. After all, gadgets today play a vital role in our lives, they are more than just a fashion statement. Whether you are in college or in the office, being fashionable and famous is the need of everyone.

Today there are many companies manufacturing smartphones at a very low rate, which is why we can see smartphones in the hands of everyone. But as far as we know, the quality of these smartphones is not as good as branded smartphones. The difference in cost is due to the different levels of instruments and equipment used in manufacturing smartphones. Good brands use high-quality materials, which is why their devices are durable.

Part 1: Narrowing down the scope of Huawei phone heating issuesMany people have bought Huawei mobile phones, and many people have complained about Huawei’s battery and charging problems. There is no problem with normal heating. After all, smartphones are all electronic devices, but when you have been facing this problem and feel that your phone is very hot and may cause damage or injury to you, then you need to pay attention.Here, we point out the common things you can try on your Huawei phone or any other Android device that is experiencing overheating and battery drain issues. The first thing you have to look for is to identify the areas where your phone is getting hot. This will narrow down your problem and you will understand the exact reason why your phone is heating up and why your Huawei battery is facing so many issues.Is the back of your phone hot?Huawei battery problemIf you encounter the problem of heating on the back of your phone, then you must understand that this problem is not a problem with the Huawei phone, but with the Huawei battery.

This happens when your phone’s battery becomes damaged or aged. You will also encounter this problem when you use other chargers to charge your phone. Try using the original charger and the charger recommended by Huawei to charge the phone to see if the same problem occurs.So, you must check all these things when the back of your phone gets hot.Is the base of your phone hot?Huawei battery problemDoes your phone get hot from the bottom (where you plug it into the charger)? Does your phone get hot when charging? If this is the problem, then you must understand that it is the problem of the charger. It may be that your Huawei charger is faulty, or you may be using a different charger. In order to solve Huawei charging issues, you have to replace your Huawei charger, but if not, you have to buy a new recommended charger for your phone.Is the rear top compartment of your Huawei phone hot?Huawei battery problemIf your Huawei phone is getting hot in the top back area, then you must know that it is not a battery issue at all. There may be a problem with the speakers or screen.

So, in order to solve these problems, you must read the following pointsIf your phone gets hot from the speakersIf you realize that the heated part is the speaker (the part that covers someone’s ears when talking to someone on the phone), then you have to understand that this is not just a major problem. But it may damage your ears. This problem persists when your phone speaker malfunctions. So you must quickly go to a Huawei authorized service center for repair.If your phone screen gets hotHuawei battery problemIf your Huawei phone’s screen or display is hot and seems to be very hot at times, then you can easily identify that this is just an issue with your Huawei phone. Therefore, you must follow the advice provided below.Check out other Huawei phone problems: 9 major Huawei phone problems and how to fix themPart 2: Fix Huawei phone overheating or battery drain issuesNow that you’ve narrowed down the problem, you find that the problem is with the phone itself, not the battery and charger. You have to follow the steps below to fix it.Use third-party apps to reduce battery consumptionUsing third-party apps to reduce battery consumption on your smartphone is always a good option. Below we will introduce Greenify to you. Greenify was named the #1 utility among the best Android apps of 2013 by Lifehacker and is loved by many Android phone users .

Greenify helps you identify and put unused apps to sleep and stop them from slowing down your device and draining your battery. Since no apps are running in the background, you canill definitely see an increase of Huawei battery life.Lighten up your phoneThe first and the foremost thing that you must do is to free up you Huawei phone. You must remove the apps and data that is not usable for you. This will lighten up your phone and its processor and so your phone will have to put on Less efforts which will help fixing Huawei battery problems and overheating problem.There is no doubt that Android phones are awesome and so we can rely on them for our daily work. Whenever we go to any place, we click many pictures and videos, but we don’t have time to pick the right ones from them and remove the rest so these pictures and videos not only eats up the storage but it also eats up processors speed. So it’s better you clear them.Change Settings on your phone to extend battery lifeYou can turn off the location service to reduce battery draining.

Also, tweaking the GPS settings can help you improve the battery life. Go to Settings > Location > Mode and you will see three options. High Accuracy, which uses GPS, Wi-Fi and the mobile network to determine your position, which in turn uses quite a lot of power to do so; Battery Saving which, as the name suggests, reduces battery drain. You can change the settings to  smartphones Battery Saving option.There is another setting you can try. Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services. Here tap on Clear Cache button. This will refresh Google Play Service and stop the cache to eat up your battery.Heavy gamesAndroid have huge collection of games and many games so way to big.

We can see new games getting launched daily. Having games on Huawei phone is not bad but you must remove the games that you do not play. You must remember that the more space is consumed the more battery draining problem you will face.

Many games are there that require some resources from your phone like data connection and other sensors, these games are a big reason forHuawei phone battery draining and overheating.

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